Do you need help with your current website?

Everyday I get calls from people who already have a website but either it is an errant webmaster (a friend or family member) with no passwords LOL and they need to update or change features and some are people who created their website through a big company like godaddy or other” do it yourself” companies using templates and stock images. Unfortunately in both cases we may not be able to help you.

In the first case if you need to update an old website, you will need the access credentials and any other information you have. If you have them, we may be able to help you however, if you don’t have access, you will need to gather that information before we try. Depending on the type of website you have ie. HTML, wordpress etc. you may be limited in what you can change easily. We will also need access to your google account to properly configure your Google business services afterwards.

In the latter case, for home made DIY software you need to understand that these companies lure you in with low prices, lots of promises and free services only to leave you doing all the work yourself waiting on the phone for answers to problems….. These websites can have limitation to what you can do and change so I cant promise we can help you with these Frankenstein websites, but we will consult with you and if there is a way to do what you need to be done, we will try. Most importantly, they lock you into services like your domain name, hosting, a smart phone number or e-mail address.

Lucky for you, you found my website. In most cases we can create a whole new website for you cheaper than what your paying now and we take care of everything for you. We will not only create a new design but optimize it for Google built right into the website and add free Google business services by an expert. In most cases, we can train you to update your own website and be right here to support you when you have a problem or for website upgrades beyond your scope. We are right here standing behind you, your business and your website making sure it is successful.

Dont take my word for it, call me today for a free consultation and I will show you customers who were just like you and now they are happy, you can ask them yourself….. CALL ME TODAY